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In the northern reaches of central Quebec, on the border between the tundra and the taïga, was born Ernest Dominique. Raised in an Innu community, the boy will grow up to be an internationally renowned painter. His grandmother could not pronounce the letter "R", thus nicknaming him : Aness. During his career, Ernest decides to sign his paintings with the name given to him as a child. From the capitals of the world, we follow his journey back to his homeland. This journey helps us to understand his roots and his unique approach to his art, his family and his Innu identity.

Director's biofilmography

Born in Quebec City (Province of Quebec, Canada).
After university studies in communication and cinema, Denis Boivin has signed in 1977 a first documentary, L'Age dort, that became the most broadcasted documentary in the Province of Quebec between 1979 and 1985. Since that moment, he has produced and directed many documentaries as a genuine independant filmmaker. Among them: the famous and very sensitive Le Pardon (Forgiveness) (Henri-Langlois Press Award 1992, Best Documentary Festival Tours 1992, Can-Pro Award 1993, 2 Gemini mentions) andLe Pèlerin (The Pilgrim), a biography of John-Paul II by his contemporaries' eyes (Gen. Jaruzelski, Lech Walesa, friends, students.) He has made many productions for Children: short films, documentaries - for example The Dance of the Children - and TV programs.
Since a few years, Boivin is turning to fiction films, producing two international festival award winner shorts. Born near the Huron Village of Wendake, just outside Québec City, he has returned to his Native roots for inspiration as he offers an original look at an unknown aspect of life among Canada's First Nations in his first feature film:Attache ta tuque! (Hold on to your Hat!) Since that time, he has directed Healing Words,6 documentaries shot in First Nations Villages and five TV program series for Children :Mikuan. His new documentary, Aness, follow international renowned aboriginal painter Ernest Dominique (Aness), in his journey back to his homeland, re-reading his life, art and nation.

Award, mentions & festivals

  • Festival international du Film sur l’Art 2009 (Montréal)
  • Huron-Wendat Museum (Wendake, Québec)


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Length minutes
VersionsFrench, French with English subtitles, Innu
DirectorDenis Boivin
NarrationSerge Bouchard
ProducerDenis Boivin, Luc Lainé
ScreenplayDenis Boivin
EditorJoël Ferland
D.PHans David Campbell
SoundNormand Lapierre, Jean Langevin
MusicFlorent Vollant
ProductionK8e K8e inc.

Financial contributions

Sodec, Canadian Television Fund, Canadian Film and Video Fund, Tax Credit Programs (Quebec and Canada), APTN TV, ARTV, Air Inuit, Ataro, Productions de Films Dionysos
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