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1979 : The International year of the Child… Chantal Dupont, 15 and Maurice Marcil, 14, are on the way home. Crossing the Jacques Cartier Bridge, in Montreal, they are abducted by two men, aged 25. Despite their attempts to flee, they are raped and strangled. Their bodies then thrown from the bridge into the river. The news of these hideous murders shakes the country. Even more schocking : Chantal's parents have forgiven the murderers for their crime. Journalists covering the story are in an uproar : the crime is unforgivable! Forgiveness in an invitation to all viewers to examine the limits of their own morality. A disturbing reflection at the human condition.

Awards, mentions and festivals

International Festival of Tours 1992 (France):

  • Henri-Langlois Press Award
  • Best Documentary Award

Can-Pro Award for the Best Documentary broadcasted
on canadian TV in 1992.
Two nominations Gemini Award 1993:

  • Best Editor (documentary)
  • Best Director (documentary)


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Length minutes
VersionsFrench, French with english subtitles
DirectorDenis Boivin
ProducerDenis Boivin
ScreenplayDenis Boivin
EditorClaude Roshem
D.PAlain Dupras
SoundStéphane Barsalou
MusicDaniel Bernatchez
ProductionLes Productions Dionysos

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