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Jourdain, Skies of Ink

Jourdain, Skies of Ink


A fascinating journey which has nothing to do with a story of palettes or paintbrushes : that of the painter Jacques Jourdain. A search of the light from the printing ink. A repulsive, thick, dense material, a synonym for the black. Jourdain puts down it on his painting and enjoys tearing away to its secret. His tools : gloves of surgery, jars of metal, a screwdriver, old rags. Jourdain paints in front of us and delivers us his secrets. He presses, removes coats, looks for the transparency and amazes us. Ink skies are angry, frescoes are breathtaking, the light appears from the bottom of the painting and the technique is unique to the world.

Awards, mentions & festivals

- The World Film Festival 2004 (Montreal)
- International Festival of Audiovisual Programs – FIPATEL 2005
  (Biarritz, France


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Length minutes
VersionsFrench, French with English subtitles
DirectorGinette Bellavance
EditorGinette Bellavance
D.PKenneth Lemieux
MusicDaniel Toussaint
ProductionPoint de vue
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